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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I'm Courtney Cassaro, the owner of Sparkle & Cass Event Planning.

Here is a little bit about my background:

At a very young age, I decided that I wanted to be a “party planner”. Now at that age, I wasn’t really sure what that exactly meant, but I witnessed it at two extremes. My grandmother had her own catering business and planned a lot of extravagant house parties, while my next door neighbor was a restaurant manager in NYC where he wined and dined all the a-list celebrities. You could probably see where this is going…. I wanted to wine and dine all the a-list celebrities. Unlike many 17 year olds, I had my whole life figured out. I was going to Johnson & Wales University, getting my degree in Restaurant Management, and moving back to NYC to run one of the biggest restaurants in the world (casual, I know) Somehow that is not how things worked out... I did get my degree from Johnson & Wales, but fell in love with New England. After a 6 month stretch moving back home, I landed my first job in Boston. I have been at my current job for 6 years, where I have really learned the in's and out's of hospitality and have grown my network.

10 Things You Should know about me

1. I love my husband Joe, he is the most caring, loving, and supportive person I know

2. I will never be a New England Patriots Fan, the Giants have my heart (though jumping on the Super Bowl bandwagon has been fun) I do however love the Boston Celtics and the Boston Red Soxs

3. I have the best sister in the world (do you know any single guys, I’m looking to set her up, so she can use Sparkle & Cass Event planning, of course)

4. I am an active spin goer, I am obsessed with an amazing 45 minute workout that requires no planning on my part

5. I am a born and raised Jersey girl, but you would never know it because I have no accent

6. As of the past few years, my favorite foods include Lobster Rolls, Fried Clams, and New England Clam Chowder

7. I met Nick Jonas in 2011 and was so nervous all I could get out were tears and an “I love you”

8. I love country music

9. I’ve been fortunate to go to Europe 4 times and so far my favorite city would have to be Barcelona

10. I am so grateful for family, I am lucky enough to have two of them now! My parents have been really supportive of my dreams. My dad was actually the one that encouraged Sparkle & Cass after living, breathing, and seeing the final product of my big day last year.

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